Popular Music Streaming Services 2015

Popular Music Streaming Services 2015

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In the modern day and age, a wide range of music streaming services have now become available and each offer a variety of services for individuals who want to stream music so that they can listen to it on a regular basis. In this article we will outline some of the best music streaming services in 2015 and will take a look at some of the functions that each will offer to those who wish to sign up and begin using them.



Spotify is currently one of the most popular music streaming services available and can be found in over 60 different countries. It is an extremely popular music streaming service and has over 60 million users. The website boasts over 20 million different songs that can be played and the service offers a wide range of subscriptions that can cut costs if you’re in a family and if you are a student. If you are in a single household or are based in the family using Spotify, you can use it under one account which can be handy and will save on costs. The music platform is also popular as it allows you the ability to create playlists depending on mood and this can be adjusted with track titles and other user information within the tracks.

Amazon prime music

Amazon prime has now launched Amazon prime music and this is one of the latest music streaming services available. The platform is still in its infancy and has only around 1 million tracks to stream. However, the platform is loaded with new tracks on a regular basis. The music streaming service is available to individuals who have Amazon prime and functions as a way in which to stream your music across all of your devices. Amazon has created a special type of software that will allow you the ability to download your music across your iPad, iPhone and any other devices that you wish before you begin to stream the music effectively.

Apple Music

Apple music is a new music streaming platform developed by Apple computers and has access to over 40 million songs that uses can preview and stream via their music playing devices. The music platform also connects you with tracks that are not yet on iTunes and this software is similar to sound cloud in how it operates. The Apple music platform also has new functions that allows unsigned artists the ability to upload any songs that they wish so that others can listen to them and preview them. The Apple music platform also connects with Siri which identifies voice commands on the iPhone and other devices and this can be used to ask questions that will generate track lists and other playlists by requesting them using the Siri function.



Tidal is a music streaming service that is getting a lot of attention at the moment, thanks to the fact that it has just been bought by Jay-Z’s company. The platform offers extremely high quality music and charges £19.99 a month for the service. Many famous artists are now using it such as Taylor Swift, who has refused to use Spotify.


The world of streaming music is now becoming more and more popular and individuals are finding these platforms to be a great way in which to stream music effectively. Whether it be at home, for use in the industry such as a bar or cafe, being signed up to a music streaming platform can be a great way in which to access lots of music and use it to your advantage.
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